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Whether enrolled at Randolph-Macon Academy as a day or boarding student, for one year or seven years, parents and students have much to say about the effectiveness of this private college-prep school. Below is a mix of video and written testimonials.

"R-MA has been an amazingly positive experience for my son. He is academically thriving in the small classroom sizes, and the life at R-MA is building his character beyond what I would have been able to offer him alone from home. I consider sending my son to R-MA the most important investment I will ever be able to do for his future."

Davis Holland Leichsenring
Parent of Joseph Leichsenring ’17

"As R-MA parents, my husband and I are very proud of the school and my daughter's accomplishments. Since my daughter has been a student at R-MA she has thrived and has been driven to succeed. Not only has she been a good student, she gets to meet accomplished young men and women from all over the world! Learning their backgrounds and cultures is very exciting for her. Not to mention she has made life-long friendships.

"To say that we are proud parents of an R-MA student is an understatement. We love the school and would highly recommend it for any child who is looking to succeed!"

Amy Haithcox
Parent of Logan Haithcox '19 
(Graduated from R-MA Middle School, now enrolled in Upper School)

"Our son has taken full advantage of the many opportunities available to R-MA students and has exceeded our high expectations in many ways. He has excelled in academics, athletics, band, drum major, and leadership positions. We are confident he is prepared to be successful in life as a result of the many invaluable lessons of discipline, character and leadership that he learned while at R-MA the last four years."

Bill and Sandy Long
Parents of Will Long '16

"Meghan has grown intellectually, spiritually, and physically during her past 2 1/2 years at R-MA.  Even though some of the "gains" are part of the natural maturation process, she has achieved a "self realization" that I believe is attributed directly to the R-MA experience. I spoke with her three older siblings during the holiday break (Dec 2011) and they said she has an incredible self-realization that they never had at her age (13). The realization is that she can take charge (and control) of how much she wants to learn and in so doing, she will have many career choices.  

"R-MA's flexibility with forward placement of students in courses that are challenging has contributed greatly to Meghan's intellectual growth.  During 6th grade she took all of the standard courses but tested out in Math Plus. This was the beginning of her realization that there were no limits on the opportunities to learn while attending R-MA. It was up to her to determine how much she wanted to learn and how fast.

"Meghan had never played an organized sport prior to attending R-MA. R-MA's practice of every student participating in a sport motivated Meghan to ask if she could be the Manager for the Middle School Soccer Team during her 6th grade year. She was able to observe a team sport and yet be an active participant which gave her the confidence to try out for the Girls' Volleyball team in 7th grade. There was a strong team of 8th graders that year so she did not get much playing time; however, she learned again from watching and the coaches were amazing at working with her.  She tried out for the Girls' Volleyball team in 8th grade and was nominated as Captain. She grew from being a follower to a leader in two years." 

Margaret Melberg
Parent of Meghan Melberg '16
(Graduated from R-MA Middle School, now enrolled at Upper School)

"Our son has been at R-MA since the sixth grade and he LOVES the school. He is challenged at school and likes the classes offered and the instructors. When he attended public school he was often bored and not given the opportunities that he has at R-MA. We support the values that the school follows and feel confident our son will become the best he can be by being enrolled at R-MA. It is a challenge to be a teenager but at this school it is "cool" to be smart and it is encouraged to strive to be successful. If they ever are not doing their best, there is someone who makes sure they are given the help needed to bring up their grades. We are so thankful we made the decision to send our son to Randolph-Macon Academy and have not looked back once. Thank you!"

Susan Glascock
Parent of Dylan Glascock '18
(Graduated from R-MA Middle School, now enrolled at Upper School)

"Our biggest concern for our son, regarding attending Randolph-Macon Academy, was would he flourish as a boarding student 7 hours from home?  The first month we did not discuss it with him, only provided encouragement, then on our subsequent visit I asked him, "Did we (collective we) make the right decision for you?"  Our son's response was "Yes Dad." Thinking he was only telling me what I wanted to hear, I next asked him, "Why?"  Our son's response was, "Because I am being challenged Dad."  Our son never showed any signs of homesickness, due to the excellent dormitory staff and weekend activities; as well as the caring academic staff.  We are more than impressed with the results we have seen in our son after this first year and he looks forward to returning in the fall."

Verne and Tanya Mounts
Parents of Ian Mounts ’19
(Graduated from R-MA Middle School, now enrolled at Upper School)

"We looked at R-MA for our son and daughter for very different reasons. Our son was at that 90th percentile in public school--he wasn't in gifted and talented, and we were concerned that he was going to get bored and lost in the larger classes at the middle school level. He chose to attend R-MA and was successful academically and as a leader. He discovered a love for band and also ran cross-country and track. He is now about to graduate from Virginia Tech with dual degrees in psychology and German.

"Our daughter was different. She was in gifted and talented at the public schools. But we saw opportunities at R-MA, and a community, that we thought were better than the alternatives. She is now in seventh grade at R-MA and thriving. She is challenged yet nurtured at the same time, so her confidence in herself is slowly growing in a positive way. She has also been able to play basketball and run cross-country in middle school, and has learned the value of community service. It seemed impossible, but somehow R-MA has ended up being the right school for both of our children."

Kevin Brooks
Parent of Jessalyn Brooks '21 

"[Austin gained] self-discipline and focus. He's become very independent. It's hard to point to one class or teacher [that has made the difference]. It's the combination of caring teachers, admin staff, other motivated students/roommates, sports coaches, etc. All the teachers and staff really want your child to succeed. I've never received this kind of attention/care anywhere else! I'm very grateful for all that R-MA has done for Austin. R-MA is the perfect prescription for inspiration and discipline so needed for teen boys. "

Hye Kyung Lee
Mother of Austin Lee '15 

"R-MA saved my daughter by providing an environment that fosters discipline, responsibility, leadership, and educational opportunities to learn and grow. At R-MA the character that my daughter acquired helped her to be more responsible and take the lead in her environment both at school and in her community. I know she will maintain these qualities into her college years and I know that she is bound for success."

Marie Pendie
Parent of Natalie Pendie ‘15

Kathy Heer, Parent of Michael Heer '07, takes you through her family's experience from the first realization that maybe they ought to check out a boarding school, through the decision-making process, the first tumultuous year, and her son's triumphant walk across the stage at graduation.  She also e-mailed us a follow-up about Michael while he was in college!

First Testimonial from Kathy Heer (2007)

Follow-up Testimonial from Kathy Heer (2010)

Verne Mounts, Parent of Ian Mounts '19, speaks of the reason behind the decision to look into boarding schools for their middle schooler, how they found R-MA, and what R-MA has provided their son.

Verne Mounts Testimonial